06. April 2013 – "Fabian Marti at Hotel Palenque" curated by Elise Lammer

Fabian Marti will present Hotel Palenque's 10th A0 commission at Hinter Haus des Meeres, Vienna.

This event marks the collaboration of Fabian Marti's latest residency project TwoHOTEL and Hotel Palenque's nomadic art programme.

TwoHotel is Fabian Marti's latest project of a hotel for artists on Piracanga Beach in Bahia, Brazil.

Entirely built with local materials by the artist himself last September, the house functions simultaneously a studio and a living space.

In a celebration of Hotel Palenque's and TwoHOTEL's common dedication to hospitality, friendship and artistic appraisal, please join us for a tropical night with cocktails, Brazilian birds, and more.