HHDM invites
Josip Novosel - "U can sit with us / Camp anonymous"

Les Urbaines Lausanne 5.-7. Dezember 2014

Vienna is the top city of spies. Adolf Loos is one of the outstanding Austrian architects that made an american bar in the first district called Loosbar. Rumors are around that the first whistleblower transaction was in Vienna. The Loosbar is so small that the architecture itself is excluding you automatically when your’e either too late, too big or with too many wrong people. No entrance – come by later. The Internet is the world biggest transactor of informations. An endless coded world that navigates your interests where they actually belong. You belong to the others, the others will know it. (Tell Josip Novosel at the door) Your browser history will tell anyone if your’e an interesting person, an average person or just something else. If u think you’re an individual, we will find a category. „Knowledge is performative“, knowledge is free, we are legion, we do not forget and we don’t forgive but first take a seat and sit with us. Tell us who u actually are. On what u working on. What are your future goals in life? The necessity of judging, excluding or including others are our most natural habits that begins with sympathy if u eat mutual food. Or wear mutual brands or have mutual ideals of freedom or common certain values. But never tell racist jokes when your’e with people that u don’t know.
Be sexist when noone is watching.
In the future everybody will have 15 Minutes privacy settings by their own.
We are postcolonial, u should be selfcolonial. Express your quality just as it’s your natural need. We are anonymous, we are legion. We don’t forgive, we don’t forget. Forget about intimacy being appropriate – it’s enough if you are just polite. Make a statement with others, with many others. Tell everyone who your best friends are. How groundbreaking your story is. That this moment of social interaction changed your basic life in a even more basic life but much better that you couldn’t realize by yourself. Be yourself with others!
And to know what is right? There is so much wrong in this world. We have to change it! Russell Brand is anonymous, Žižek is anonymous we do not forgive and do not forget. Namedropping will save our world.
After the revolution we have a drink! (RSVP please)
(U can sit with us/ Camp anonymous)