"Boys be"

Min Yoon

13. Dezember 2013

"Finding BF"

Boys Be

Looking backward through my life, it was a quite long profession: Student, still a student.
Since 4-5 years old always private painting academies, art class after main studies such as korean, mathematics, English, painting group in middle school, 3 year art high school courses, then a painting department,University in Seoul, a military service for 2 years…, Universität für Angewandte Kunst Wien, and finally Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien. To be honest, it's a bit embarrassing to say that I am an artist, so far I prefer to call 'a student who can finish studies soon, but try to stay in Vienna with a student visa'. But it is also embarrassing to say.

Till last year there were so many thoughts whether I change to another art schools again or stay in Vienna. There are still so many conclusions, confusion with the ambition, just like during Chungnam Art high school (2001-2004) time. My real precious time with a lot of fun, all the crazy friends, nerd friends, bitches (I think they think that I was one of), standard passive students with teacher's love or vicarious satisfaction (and most of them gave up being an artist after the university graduation), and all the crazy episodes, but also a struggling time like 'Su Neung' (a Korean Matura or SAT) disaster, a numbered list of an exam results, even art awards to get into better universities. Of course painting studies everyday: at least it was a pure joy but at the end also a disaster. After failing the best art university in Seoul my life was totally collapsed at the age of 18 years, other friends cried, even cutting all the contacts around and became isolated. Then again decided to attend one more year for better result for the better universities. And it continues so far in this world and…

An attitude just like a high school boy even a middle school boy against future … ….
Forever adolescence… ….
Nein, Ich kann nicht! Ich kann nicht!! Ich will nicht!!!
… … .
Boys be! BB, 2B, HB?
Boys be ambitious!?
Be yourself!?
Be smart, rich, someone!?
Be beautiful!?
Be muscled, what a world.
What am I?
I will blame this world before blaming myself.
Take your responsibility you stupid Ho!
Oh…oh oh ….


Men as socks
Some men are argyles.
Safe socks.
My father is White to Black.
Thinks thinking about socks is useless.
Common socks to conservative socks.
The one … … has own collection of socks for … … Libido socks. Muscled socks.
One of my good friends wears H&M 5 pairs socks set, and COS.
Reasonable, economical, smarty, minimal socks.
… … Two of my good friends wears cashmere blended one.
Always pairs of lace-up shoes, blazers, wool pants. look gay, but strictly super het…elegant ….
One stitch to his face, second stitch to his chest.
Getting over cold winter lonesome.
With full of the Lenor scent from Hofer carefully hand-washed.
Socks of time, timeless socks.

After looking at all the socks in the drawer,
I got socked that my taste of socks is so random just like A or P or Vers A or Vers P or Vers on the grindr.
At the end just one of the asians on the categories, just obsessed by a pair.
I still believe in love, but cannot help thinking that it was the obsession.

Ball them. Put them away. Darn them. Wear them. Lose them. Dump them. Buy them.

Mom with socks.
She never let her own son wears socks at home after school.
As son passes through the entrance she yells always:
"Take off your socks right now!" and then:
"Go wash your stinky feet right away!!" Then son replies without energy:
"Yeah yeah I will" Then mother believed that, a while later she cries:
"A towel is not wet, you cheated again, go and wash right now!!!" Then son cries louder:
"I’m washing now! Please do not preach me anymore I'm 27!!!!" Then mother screams louder:
"Will you ever stop taking off socks diversely. you never change! you are 28 next year!!!!" Then son:


Meanwhile a little helping job for an artist I like, in his iTunes folder there was a song played:

Azari & lll

Desire in her eyesTells me that she wants me.But then I realize,She's a schizophrenic.
Sophisticated, she's so -She's a manic.Overeducated,She's manipulative.
A nuclear reaction (a static situation)Defying infraction (endless calculation)A foul infatuation (an empty conversation)A fatal attraction
It's a manic - it's a manic world x 4
Successful informaticIs trying to get his habit.But underneath those lies,He's a raging addict
Incorporated, he's so -He's a manic.Overmotivated,He's infiltrative.
A frequent illusion (evadive sensation)A mental inclusion (burning temptation)The constant invasion (a final solution)A state of confusion.
It's a manic - it's a manic world x 4
She's schizophrenic (she's a manic)In a manic worldHe's just an addict (he's a addict)In a manic world
It's a manic world (It's a manic world)It's a manic worldIn a manic world
Links: http://www.metrolyrics.com/manic-lyrics-azari-iii.html


Mom, I want to have a painting class. I love painting!
Mom! she won the award again. I'm always on 2nd rank.
Her Crayon set is 64 colors including gold and silver colors.
I don't want 32 colors anymore.I want more!
Mom It's time for me to have 124 watercolor pencil set.
I will draw with Faber-Castell professional watercolor pencils.
Mom! Her mother is a head teacher of a private painting academy.
Mom!! Why did you force me to use a right hand even though I'm left handed?
Her mother let her use a left hand because it is good for art!!!
Mom!! Now she even uses french brushes I never saw and japanese watercolors!!!!!!
Mom!!! She won the award again, I will go to same painting academy, but it is much more expensive than before. Please mom I will paint really hard I promise, I will become a better son!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Imagine what it will be..this year.
Looking into a hole of a sock.
Danke Vielmals Oma! So Lieb, Kuss Kuss!!!
Inside thought:
Scheisse again Pens and pencils.
I'm grown up!!!
Maybe I should sell them on www.willhaben.at.
Ich will Iphone oder Ipad.

A pen is a pen
me and my friend love BiC at the moment.
High-Tech 0.25 temptation. Everyone desires.
Stealing is starting from the elementary school.
First alone later organized plans with friends.
Do not believe your own child, they are not moral like in a school book.
But Talent barrows, Genius steals - Oscar wilde.
Tati loves Jolly Superstars(dick und dünn) and Staedtler Pigment liner pens, Sau.
You draw with 'Faber-Castell'? Fucking bitch, I will buy 'Conte' series tomorrow.
A pen is not just a pen.


PS.: This text is honest, no tendency to be intelligent or in Art history, so maybe even stupid. Anyway I really want to make a special thanks and a lot of love to my best friend Sunwoo who studied painting and gave up being an artist, but still study philosophy herself to figure it out the world she made or lives. Works at the fathers company as a web designer, sent me a last week a package (pens and additional sock-mannequins for this exhibition from korea as a Christmas gift), who believes that I become a so-called "good artist".

PPS.: Though there are many many wrong grammars and errors even the context (I don't even know what that is here), please understand with your warm and generous hearts. Then we see each other at the opening!

Min Yoon

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