"Pre Line Fall" - Max Brand, Genoveva Filipovic, Tonio Kröner, Veit Kurz

30. Juni 2012

Curl up & Dye is about the moment where you can dress up to your desired hair-do with the help of your friends but however as soon as you are in the publicty of the wedding party you can do nothing against the macho’s gaze who just wants to grab your ass…but who are these friends with which one supposedly could open a space to stand the shmucks out there and what should this space be anyway?
Pre Line Fall was proposed as title for this coming together of friends by one of these friends. I understood it as the pre fall collection shown before the rest of the fashion industrie crowds together and coining yourself cocky as precursor of upcoming tastes à la „i am the voice of my generation…at least a generation“. But it was thought about more literally as falling before passing the finish line, maybe by pulling yourself a leg. Or asking a friend to pull you a leg. Or in the end just by sporting the wrong sneakers with badly tied laces. The upcoming arena of finish lines for high-end human entities, the 2012 Olympics, entitles itself with Inspire a Generation. But inspire with what? Swifter, higher, stronger or It’s taking part that counts? Both – most individual ehrgeiz-careerism and its not so opposite imperative for relational just-come-togetherness – devilishly mixed and instilled into us as isotoxic energy drink could be meant to bring the economy back on track.
Another friend, not showing in this exhibition, got public funding for a proposal in which he asked for a club without members… How does your desired peer group løøk like and what løøk do your actual buddies propose?