Ilja Karilampi & Yngve Holen

14. Dezember 2012

Phottoshop Request they take your stupid wish for image and then they put up a joke on you on another website, PhotoshopTroll. Make me BiFi:ed up or pls remove my smile on face or the Mexican guy, make there happy dolphins more like a clan. DonĀ“t you get how hard it can be to do clever things with digital pictures? PhotoshopTrollDough.

Ingve Holan & Ylga Karilanpi are setting up a trolling factory in HinterHaus des Meerens.

With a backoven and limitless supply of flour, watter,d an salt, spatula, they bake and rooll and grind the typicly Scandinavian troll dough. Thena many structured relief frames the PhotoshopTrolled images on the walls, same pictures but different backdrops. Can you see the slight difference? Are you allowing youself to step out the ring and act out wit colleague? Then later a Viennese oven is thrown out with the Baum.

The salty "trolldeg" cannot be eaten, but adjusted and beaten.

Analogue or Adobo PS, the trolling is on. Dough and clay is a break from boarding cards, we come wit train has no wlan, laptops made of yeast.

Troll dough are cheap but last forever, dont lick it. Buy ready frame for 10 euros, and have generic generous adjust, by thumb or hand. We can make many in 3 days or a week but only sleep can stop us. So we come hand in hand as from the North,

and the skills on display are impressive too,

as is the attention to every possible potential comic detail